Curriculum Vitae 2016


1. Personal information


Name: Murat Khokonov

Address: Chernyshevskogo Str. 173,

Kabardino-Balkarian State University,

Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics,

360004, Nalchik, Russian Federation

Phone number home: mobile: +7-8662-42-52-54

Marital status Married

Date of birth 6th April 1958

Nationality: Kabardian





2. Education


- Kabardino-Balkarian State University, Physics Department, 1975-1980.

- Lomonosov Moscow State University, post graduate school at Physics Department, 1980-1983,

the degree of Candidate of science in physics of atomic nuclei and elementary particles.


3. Qualifications


- The degree of doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, 1993

- Short time courses in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT): "Problems of modernization of high education. Variability approach to teaching fundamental physics", April 2013.

- Educational management courses in Kabardino-Balkarian Institute of Business, September-December 2015, Certificate in "Educational Management".


4. Work experience


- 1983-1993 Associate professor in theoretical physics department of Kabardino-Balkarian State University (KBSU);

- November 1988- September 1989 research scholarship in the Institute of Physics and Astronomy of Aarhus University;

- 1993 until today professor of physics in KBSU;

- 1997-2003 Dean of Physics Department of KBSU;

- 2004 until today The head of the Department of Theoretical Physics (in 2016 renamed as Department of Theoretical and Experimental Physics);

- September 2000 August 2001 visiting researcher in Physics Department of Tokyo Gakugei University sponsored by Japan Cultural Association Taibunko Foundation;


5. Personal qualities


Dependable, determined, initiative, versatile


6. Special skills


- Circassian folk music

- Rock-n-Roll and blues solo guitar skills

- Numerical methods in physics


7. Awards


-         Medal "Honored Worker of Science and Engineering of Russian Federation" (October, 2007);

-         Honorary title "Honored Worker of Science of Kabardino-Balkarian republic" (April, 2011).


8. Research experience


Scientific field: high energy electromagnetic processes and physics of interphase phenomena.

Achievements: an original method of imaginary time has been developed in the theory of radiation of relativistic electrons; a broad class of exact solutions of cascade equations in physics has been discovered; the problem of cross sections of electromagnetic processes in the non-uniform strong fields has been solved for the first time (with H.Nitta); the phase equilibrium equation the thermodynamics for small size objects has been developed (with Kh.B.Khokonov and T.M.Taova). Khokonov has obtained new unknown simplest representations of the Airy functions (or modified Bessel functions). He has more than 50 publications in high rank physics journals. The total number of publications exceed 150 including teaching textbooks.


9. Memberships


From December 1997 until present is a member of Educational and Methodical Council on Physics and Astronomy of Russian Ministry of Education and Science.


10. Selected publications


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